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Florida Creepy Urban Legends About Dogs & Cats

With Halloween quickly approaching I thought I'd do a little digging into scary urban myths. Florida, like many other regions, has its share of dog and cat-related legends and folklore. Many urban legends and folklore about dogs and cats can be found throughout the world. Here are a few I dug up that take place here in my home state.

The Ghostly Greyhound of St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida, known for its historical significance, is also famous for a ghost story involving a greyhound dog. According to local legend, a spectral greyhound is said to roam the grounds of the old Huguenot Cemetery. Witnesses claim to see the ghostly dog, often accompanied by the sound of barking, near the graves. Some versions of the story suggest that the dog belonged to a family buried there and continues to guard their resting place even in the afterlife.

Obviously there are a ton of ghost stories surrounding St. Augustine. On a visit you can take part in one of many Ghost Tours, and hear some ghost stories yourself or even possibly get to see one.

The Cemetery Guardian Cat

This legend revolves around a cat that is believed to reside in a cemetery, particularly in one of the historic graveyards in St. Augustine, Florida. According to the tale, this cat is said to bring good fortune to those who encounter it near the graves. Visitors often leave offerings of food or treats for the cat, hoping for luck and protection in return. The legend embodies the mysterious and mystical aura of ancient burial grounds.

The Phantom Black Dog of Ocala National Forest

In the Ocala National Forest, there have been reports of a phantom black dog that appears to campers and hikers, especially at night. The dog is said to be large and imposing, with glowing eyes and a menacing presence. Encounters with this ghostly canine have led to various superstitions and local tales warning people to be cautious when venturing into the forest, especially after dark. These are just a couple creepy urban legends including dogs or cats that are here in the Sunshine state. What kind of creepy tales does your home state have? Any that include animals? Whether or not you believe in these kind of stories, they continue to be passed down, often shaping the heritage of the region.


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