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KONGs Kitty KONG Treat Dispensing Cat Toy sparks your cats curiosity and stimulates its natural hunting instincts all at once. Just put some KONG Easy Treat, catnip or your cats favorite snack into the toy and watch your cat go wild getting it out! This toy is lightweight and takes erratic bounces - perfect for batting, bouncing and chasing.

  • Stuffable cat toy holds treats, catnip and more
  • Stimulates curiosity and hunting instincts
  • Perfect for bouncing, batting and rolling

Made of KONGs premium natural rubber for your cats safety. KONG recommends adding KONG Salmon Easy Treat to the toy for a delicious snack cats love.

Kitty KONG Treat Dispensing Cat Toy - 1 Pack - (1.5in. Diameter x 2in. High)

SKU: 35585013268
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