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Apple Butter Hand Pies

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Previously I had posted a recipe for homemade apple butter, and thought I would do a quick follow up on a little experiment I tried that worked rather well. There are many different things you can make using apple butter beyond simply spreading it on toast. (which is good too mind you) So I decided to make up some little hand pies shaped as pumpkins, which came out pretty well.

Start off with regular refrigerated store bought premade pie crust. Let it sit out for a minute or two to soften, then roll it out flat and take your favorite cookie cutter and cut out the shapes. Keep in mind to make a pie you will need the two sides and room enough to place filling. Then set about adding roughly a tablespoon of apple butter to one and cover with another one, until they are all covered. Use a fork to press the edges sealing in the filling. In a small mixing bowl mix a egg and a table spoon of water and brush this egg wash over the pies. Bake at about 420F until golden. (They take about as long as cookies 8-12 min.)

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